Second Hand September – 4 Reasons to get involved

Hello lovelies, Have you been second hand shopping yet? September is second hand shopping month and Oxfam has put out a campaign - dare to rewear!! Why? Well like so many people they believe in protecting our planet and helping people beat poverty around the world. By...

4 Tips on Choosing a Maxi Dress | Summer Edition

Hello my lovelies, The maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can wear in your wardrobe. FACT!! So if you are one of those people who say  'I have nothing in my wardrobe' whilst starring at a full or often overflowing one? You need to dig out your...

How to get in shape | The 5 benefits of Fasted Walking

Hello lovelies, Do you exercise? I have been exercising for years. But about a year ago a good friend of mine gave me a  seven day challenge to walk 5k every day for 7 days and I have never looked back. What's funny though, I really hated it in the beginning. My...

How to look Good and Feel Great 101

  Hello lovelies, Over the past few months I have realised that so many of us want to look good, but don't really know how to go about it the right way. The usual routine is that everyone binges over Christmas because it's the new...

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Get Festive in Christmas Pyjamas

Hello lovelies, Did you know Christmas Pyjamas are a thing? Well if you have or haven't this post is for you. If you have been following me on my socials, that is Facebook and Instagram you will know I am doing my best to get you ready for the festive season with...

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Get Gift ideas: Chunky shoe haul

Hello lovelies, I have started to ramp up my festive gift ideas for you and this week I'm talking shoes. Unfortunately not heels yet, but they will come. Instead I am looking at chunky trainers and shoes for those who love comfort, but want to keep their feet looking...

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Shopping for Winter Coats Virtually

Hello lovelies, Can you believe that we are near the end of the year? Well believe it or not its time for winter coats and wrapping up warm again. But whilst some of us are in lockdown, everyone has had to adjust to a new way of working including me. In this video I...

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