4 Tips on Choosing a Maxi Dress | Summer Edition

Hello my lovelies, The maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can wear in your wardrobe. FACT!! So if you are one of those people who say  'I have nothing in my wardrobe' whilst starring at a full or often overflowing one? You need to dig out your...

How to get in shape | The 5 benefits of Fasted Walking

Hello lovelies, Do you exercise? I have been exercising for years. But about a year ago a good friend of mine gave me a  seven day challenge to walk 5k every day for 7 days and I have never looked back. What's funny though, I really hated it in the beginning. My...

Rework and upcycle your wardrobe with 5 sustainable brands

Hello lovelies, Have you heard of up-cycling or reworked fashion? If you haven't don't worry because as I promised back in May when I went on my first second hand shopping trip, I'm going to make a conscious effort to find out all about those brands that are a real...

How to tie-dye smartly

Hello lovelies, In lockdown tie-dying has become a hot new trend again. But have you considered wearing tie-dye smartly? Well in this new video I show you other tie-dye fashions to consider besides your street and loungewear. Enjoy xx https://youtu.be/Y8GYY6OLhqM

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