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Do you want to be trendy and stylish but you just don’t have the budget for those luxury wish list items. Then help is at hand. As I’ll find you affordable options that you’ll love.

How it works;

  • Client emails their luxe wish list of items they love but won’t buy.
  • Stylist creates a shoppable board  with the original item and 5 x inexpensive options to purchase.
  • Client receives;
  • 1 x shoppable board with the original item and 5 alternatives 

Price from: £250

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Styled by Pierre Carr is very much a service for women who want to find their style, become knowledgeable on what suits and get the confidence to make changes to their wardrobe.

• So, if you’re tired of your current look let me help rejuvenate you, or
• If you’ve got a special event and not sure where to begin, let me find your outfit for you.

Just have a look at my services below to find the one that suits or book an appointment on my calendar and we can take it from there.


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