Body Confident + Style at your fingertips


Do you need help finding the right outfits that suit your body so that you feel confident in what you wear and step out with confidence? But more importantly you want to know where to shop for stylish clothes that suit my body type?

This service not only identifies your body type and shows you the best and most flattering styles for your body. But the stylist will shop for you to find wardrobe items that work for their body type along with signature styles.

How this works;

  • Client completes the online intake survey and uploads pictures.
  • Stylist creates a guidebook for the client which shows best styles for their body type.
  • Stylist conducts online shopping session to create shoppable boards of items that reflects clients signature and flatter their body type.
  • Client receives;
  • 1 x customised  PDF style guidebook with illustrations for best styles
  • 1 x shoppable style board

Price from: £300

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Styled by Pierre Carr is very much a service for women who want to find their style, become knowledgeable on what suits and get the confidence to make changes to their wardrobe.

• So, if you’re tired of your current look let me help rejuvenate you, or
• If you’ve got a special event and not sure where to begin, let me find your outfit for you.

Just have a look at my services below to find the one that suits or book an appointment on my calendar and we can take it from there.


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