Styled by Pierre Carr was born out of a desire to use my wealth of experience styling for editorial and commercial brands, to now help you, my personal clients.

With my knowledge and experience of brands and what it takes to look good, I want to help women to become better versions of themselves through a process of transformation. 

If your life style has changed because you’ve had kids or your job/business is all consuming and you don’t have time to put yourself first. The first step is to acknowledge that you aren’t where you want to be, when you look in the mirror and then take the steps to make those changes, which is where I come in. 

Through an all encompassing fitness and styling process I will help to transform you to the person you want to be from the inside out. Watch the video here to find out more but if this resonates with you do book an appointment below.

Specialising in kids fashion too, makes it easy for me to say if you’re a mum who is struggling to shop for your child, I have a service for you that will help you through the maze of tween-ager shopping pains. But I don’t want to stop there!

Getting clarity on your style so that you gain confidence to shop and wear what suits your body type is a journey I would love to go on with you. 

Head to my services below or in the menu to find out more.

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Styled by Pierre Carr is very much a service for women who want to make changes to their lifestyle and how they look. As well as getting practical help if they're struggling to shop for their child/children.

• So, if you’re tired of your current look let me help rejuvenate you, or
• If you want to get back to spending quality time with your child, let me shop for you.

Just have a look at my services below to find the one that suits or book an appointment on my calendar and we can take it from there.


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