Welcome to ‘The Butterfly Journal’, the blog by Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings!

I’m Michelle, founder of Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings and we specialise in creating unique and beautiful weddings in the Caribbean for UK couples, which is where we’re based. So no trying to figure out time zones, no dealings with anonymous suppliers or taking a chance on a venue you’ve not yet seen. We do it all …and love it!

Passionate about all things Caribbean, we are keen to share with you a little slice of paradise and take you on a journey of discovery. There are SO many things that set the Caribbean apart when it comes to weddings and not just the sandy beaches and the sunshine, which are, of course, a huge bonus!

Through this blog and our new podcast, The Butterfly Journal aims to inspire couples in the run up to their wedding, by sharing planning advice from industry experts at home and abroad through first hand interviews. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to really hear expert opinions on topics important to you in the planning process and for me to keep my skills as a former journalist alive.

So every month we’ll have a new podcast for you to listen to, featuring ideas for your dress, how to get into tip top shape for your big day and some tips for preparing your relationship for the next level of commitment. We also have a lot more of course, and there’s plenty in there for the guys too!

The podcast launches on February 1st but in the meantime, if you have any wedding questions, advice to share or would like to feature in one of our upcoming shows leave a comment, or send us an email to press@pierrecarr.com as essentially this show is for you.

And remember, the Butterfly; colourful and vibrant, represents new beginnings and whilst you get ready to embark on yours, just enjoy the journey.

We look forward to you joining us again for another entry in the Butterfly Journal and sharing with us.


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