4 Tips on Choosing a Maxi Dress | Summer Edition

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Hello my lovelies,

The maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can wear in your wardrobe. FACT!!

So if you are one of those people who say  ‘I have nothing in my wardrobe’ whilst starring at a full or often overflowing one?

You need to dig out your maxi dress girl, because clearly you are not utilising it as much as you should and being versatile means you can layer it up or down. But more importantly you can wear it all year round. So get yours out and have a read to see how you can make the most of it below.

In simple terms, the maxi dress is a floor or ankle length dress, that are form fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom. In my video here  I give you tips on how to wear them and why. But I thought I would add some more tips here because one I am nice like that 😁 but two if you haven’t got any or looking to buy new ones, there are things you should consider;

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on wearing a maxi dress


Your maxi dress should never be too short because if it cuts you off at the ankles it may make you look shorter than you are. You also don’t want it to drag on the floor either. Always make a b-line for brands that carry petite lengths for those of you under 5’4″.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on wearing a maxi dress

Bigger Boobs

If you are a well endowed lady please opt for a maxi dress with straps or a halter neck. Why? This will keep you together and prevent them popping out without warning.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on wearing a maxi dress

Small Breasts

You can get away with a strapless. However by wearing one with straps it creates more definition around that area or if the straps are wide enough you can wear a bra to push those puppies up.  You may want  to also consider a belt around the waist so it shows some curves.  Watch the video below for more ideas.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on wearing a maxi dress


Finally the other great thing about choosing a maxi dress is that they date back to the ’70s and aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They have major staying power due to the wide variety of patterns, styles, colours, and fabrics available. I would always suggest a solid colour in a classic shape as this will see you through changing fads; all you have to do is update an accessory or two.

Tip of the day

Unlike jeans, you can wear a maxi dress to work, a wedding, a dinner date, and the beach. Maxi dresses are a blank canvas — you can lounge in it on the weekend or transform it into a flashy show-stopper. Adding a cropped blazer can take you from the beach to the movie theater. Or change up your look by swapping flip-flops for classy wedges or heels. So have a go and see how many different styles you can create from a maxi dress?

If you like these tips but would like help why not book a consultation with me here, you really have nothing to lose.

Let me know in the comments, how many different outfits you were able to make from your maxi dress?

Until next time xxx

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