Second Hand September – 4 Reasons to get involved

Second Hand Shopping

Hello lovelies,

Have you been second hand shopping yet? September is second hand shopping month and Oxfam has put out a campaign – dare to rewear!!


Well like so many people they believe in protecting our planet and helping people beat poverty around the world. By giving clothes a longer life you help to reduce waste and make a real difference.  So for all of September (30 days) the focus is on you buying only second hand clothes online or in your local charity shop that are participating.

You can see my local second hand shopping trip in the video below or here. But here are some reasons why you should get involved;

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr takes part in second hand september

Fast Fashion is damaging our planet: Clothes that are produced in high volume and at relatively low cost to the consumer, is damaging our planet and the excess waste from this throw away lifestyle is putting pressure on the environment. It is increasing demand for the textile industry, which accounts for approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Although we don’t believe the responsibility to fix the problem lies with us, the shoppers, Second Hand September is a way of individually doing our bit to make our lives more sustainable.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr takes part in second hand september

Help to keep clothes out of landfill: Did you know, 13 million items of used clothing ends up in UK landfill every week? But when you donate your pre-loved clothes and accessories they’ll never go to landfill. Your items will either be sold in shops or charities will find a use for them.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr takes part in second hand september

It’s so easy to Donate: Donating items to this worthy cause is so easy now that if you can’t make it to the shops there are alternatives. Oxfam has launched their Donate by post scheme and it’s completely free to do. You simply order your bag, fill it up with your clothes and accessories and post it back. You can get yours here 

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr takes part in second hand september

Say Yes to Second Hand: I’m saying yes to second hand shopping and so should you. As you get older you realise that buying for buying sake just isn’t sustainable and I’m finding I get real enjoyment now out of finding something that I really need to pair with my wardrobe or catch a real bargain rather than just to buy something because its there. I would love to know your second hand shopping experience and whether you will buy second hand for the rest of September in the comments?

Tip of the Day:  You don’t need to just take my word for it. Brands are making it even easier to keep clothes in circulation and raise money to support people living in poverty. If you are in the UK check out Oxfam’s pop store at  Selfridges’ flagship store in Oxford Street, opening on 6th September and running until the end of the year. Curated by queen-of-thrift Bay Garnett, the pop-up will again be bringing vintage and designer items, so it’s a great place to browse for those really special, unique pieces.

If you like this why not read about my first second hand shopping trip here

Take Care until next time  xx

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