Is your relationship a priority, or just the wedding?

February is the month of love and around this time many men make that all important decision to propose to their intended. The excitement of the proposal then leads to the planning, followed by the wedding and the rest as they say is marriage…. but what about the relationship?

I recently read a quote from Brides magazine that said ‘after the wedding is over, all that’s left are your pictures,’ and I began to wonder how many couples think about their marriage and their relationship before their special day?

As a wedding planner my role is to create the wedding day of your dreams. However getting cards from couples who are celebrating milestones in their marriage, such as having a baby or hearing news that couples are still going strong and even want to renew their vows, actually gives me even more satisfaction, because they are still happy.

So for me couples should not only spend time planning their special day but also working on their relationship. That’s why for our first podcast I wanted to get back to basics , as without a good solid relationship, a fantastic wedding day won’t mean much.  So what did my guests have to say on the subject of love and marriage?

Life coach and author of ‘The Big Book of Us’ Nina Grunfeld places an emphasis on self love, raising your own awareness  and building an understanding of yourself and each other through a series of worksheets which feature in her book.  It encourages you to think about the reasons you’re getting married, your expectations and asking the questions which will help you decide if you’re marrying the right person for you.

For those of you who follow a faith, speaking to your spiritual leader may be your ideal scenario. So Reverend Terrance Gordon from Jamaica a firm favourite with Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings and our clients, offers a religious perspective, warning couples not to place too much emphasis on the wedding but what comes next.  He knows  a thing or two about marriage; he once married 1000 couples in a year!

I of course couldn’t talk relationships without checking in with a marriage counsellor. We hear from relationship counsellor and psychosexual therapist, Denise Knowles, who warns that it’s sometimes the small things that can have the biggest impact on a marriage, so early discussions about finances, having children and household chores are essential.   She also offers some words of wisdom on marriage and your sex life.

So there you go – some marriage advice to inspire you. But of course, you can hear more by going to the Butterfly Journal’s first podcast where you’ll also find details of our fantastic competition to win a luxury honeymoon in the Caribbean. Now THAT would be a great way to start married life!

In the meantime, if you have any wedding questions, advice to share or would like to feature in one of our upcoming shows leave a comment, or send an email to press@pierrecarr.com as essentially this show is for you.

Next month, we talk about the myths of wedding planning and using a wedding planner.

Remember, planning your wedding is a journey, not your final destination!

We look forward to you joining us again for another entry in the Butterfly Journal and sharing with us.

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  1. Cornelia Powell

    Thank you for emphasizing that one’s wedding planning time is a journey of self-discovery and deepening relationship….what I call in my articles and book, “the intimacy of the bride’s rite-of-passage”…a journey within to discover your best “open-hearted” self! Lovely….

    (AND I look forward to the podcast…..) CP


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