The Myths of a wedding planner, are they a necessity or becoming one?

Everyone remembers Franck Egglehoffer, the wedding planner in the film Father of the Bride, who bamboozled poor Steve Martin into parting with his money by bedazzling the bride to be and her mother. A very funny, memorable character but totally unrealistic I would say. However I have been surprised at how many brides believe and are concerned that this is what wedding planners are like; that we will take over their wedding with little regard for their thoughts and feelings.

That’s why for this month I would like to try to dispel the myths about wedding planners because until some more realistic images of wedding co-ordinators are out there, I believe future brides won’t really be able to take advantage of what the profession has to offer.

Speaking as a trained professional I can assure you that it’s not our business to take over your wedding. Your big day (and it is yours, not the planners) is like a great theatre production. A professional bridal consultant /wedding planner helps to produce a fabulous show but it’s all hard work behind the scenes for us. We are not the stars of the show; that honour goes to the bride, the groom and their family and friends.

In the United States having a wedding planner is far more popular, whereas in the UK, there is still a taboo about it. The instincts of most UK brides is to do it themselves so they know what’s going on, and save on cost.

In the second episode of the Butterfly Journal podcast I speak to David Wood the President of the Association of Bridal Consultants based in the United States. The ABC was set up in 1955 to increase professionalism in the wedding industry for planners – and yes there are rogue planners out there. He sums this whole topic up well by saying, ‘why would you want your wedding to be a ‘learning experience’ when you’d want it to be perfect the first time?’

Of course you can plan the wedding yourself, but wouldn’t you rather kick back and enjoy the day with friends and family and ultimately be a guest at your own wedding rather than worrying if suppliers are turning up or if the flowers are ready?

We are so much more than number crunchers and when you hire a planner you ultimately tap into their contacts and experience, which in the long run will save you money, but more importantly (and this is the part I love the most) take your dream and turn it into a real life canvas.

In this month’s podcast, we also take questions from real brides about using wedding planners. They want to know what happens when a supplier suggested by the wedding planner fails to show? How much of a say do you have when you’re using a planner overseas? And do you really save money having a planner doing the work for you?
On that point, budgets are always a factor but with planners offering additional services you are able to still take advantage of their expertise. So there is no reason to feel that it’s beyond your financial reach.

I hope this has helped to dispel myths of wedding planners and you can hear more by going to the Butterfly Journal’s second podcast at www.pierrecarr.com/podcast where you’ll also find details of our fantastic competition to win a luxury honeymoon in the Caribbean.

If you have any planning questions, advice to share or would like to feature in a future show, leave a comment on the blog, or send an email to press@pierrecarr.com. As ultimately this podcast is for you! And don’t forget you can keep up to date with us by following Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings on Facebook .

Next month, we talk fad dieting and exercise in the run up to your wedding. The dos and don’ts to looking fantastic on your big day!
Remember, planning your wedding is a journey, not your final destination!

Happy Planning


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