Episode 4: Deciding on you dream dress….retail or couture what are your options?

A wedding dress is the most meaningful and expensive item of clothing you will ever own. It’s also the centrepiece for your entire wedding and thanks to the likes of Facebook and one click uploading of videos, you and your dress will be seen not only by your guests but by  friends, family and complete strangers around the world in no time. So your dress, at the very least, should bring out your best features and make you look and feel a million dollars.

So where do you start?

Subscribing to a few bridal magazines is definitely the way to go, as each month you will get the latest fashion tips and trends to inspire you. But once you have an idea in mind, visiting a retail store or having your dress made is your next step. The experience will either fill you with joy or dread, depending on whether retail therapy is your thing.  That’s why for this month I wanted to focus on the retail and couture experience, giving you a firm understanding of the different options available.

So in the fourth episode of the Butterfly Journal podcast I speak to three experts with their own distinct style and insights into what a bride can expect from her dress buying experience.

Annalize Senol is manageress of Morgan Davies London – a boutique store in Islington whose stock ranges from celebrity designer Jenny Packham to Alan Hannah and Jesus Peiro to name but a few.  Annalize has been working for Morgan Davies for 10 years and believes the experience of going to a retail store gives you a starting point to try different styles, especially if you have no idea of what you are looking for, or the initial idea you were after just hasn’t worked.

A good bridal consultant should be able to talk to clients easily, but more importantly they should listen and read between the lines. Often what a client may think is best isn’t always what they end up with. By going to Morgan Davies London, a client will feel reassured in their decision and feel looked after from beginning to end. Find out more on what Annalize says in the podcast and her top tips on lead times and how many shops you should really go to.

If going to a retail store isn’t your thing then the idea of getting your dress made could be for you.  There are many different designers out there who will give you real alternatives. One example is Yemi Osunkoya from Kosibah Creations. He specialises in corsetry and celebrating the female form in the classical hourglass shape.

Whether you are well endowed up top or not, Yemi uses figure enhancement techniques to give you that ‘wow’ feeling on your special day and with 23 measurements that have to be taken off your body, you definitely will have all your bases covered. His experience also includes the option of making your bridesmaids feel like a million dollars too – so there’s no fighting over what they wear as he creates the same style to fit them individually rather than the whole group.  Here is an example of his flamboyancy, flair and attention to detail.

Finally if you aren’t looking for a traditional or flamboyant white dress Catherine Shaw from Allbone and Trimit steps in. With her theatrical background she concentrates on the idea that a dress should be worn as many times as possible and not just on your wedding day. Catherine prefers all things colour to get that special feeling over and over again. Catherine states that prior to Queen Victoria’s reign most people wore the best dress they had which often was coloured and not plain white.

Here is an example of one of her brides thinking outside the box opting for a green dress.

Catherine, Yemi and Annalize provide three different perspectives on wedding dresses, and there are many more, but the key is to look and feel fantastic on your special day.

I hope this has helped to you to understand the different kind of services that are available for brides and you can hear more by going to the Butterfly Journal’s fourth podcast at www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

If this post has inspired you or If you have any planning questions, advice to share or would like to feature in a future show, leave a comment, or send an email to press@pierrecarr.com. As ultimately this podcast is all about you!

Next month, we look at what’s stopping you from having a wedding abroad.

Until then,  Happy Planning


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