Episode 5: What’s stopping you from having a wedding abroad?

With a large majority of couples now paying for their own weddings, the decision to get married somewhere exotic with close friends and family looking on, now means that destination weddings has become increasingly popular.

According to Mintel one in six, that’s 16% of British weddings now takes place abroad. That equates to an estimated 51,300 overseas weddings, a massive 43% increase since 2003.

By mixing great weather with high standards of service, UK couples now realise that an overseas wedding really can be the way to go. However, whilst many brides dream of a wedding abroad there are a number of reasons why many back out.

Thats why in the fifth episode of The Butterfly Journal podcast, I try to dispel some of these reasons by discussing tips with experts who help to make dream destination weddings a reality in the Caribbean.

To give you an idea of what we discuss – the first major concern for any couple wishing to get married abroad is the Cost, but it doesn’t need to be. With the average wedding in the UK costing £20,000 pounds, your money can go a lot further (depending on the exchange rate) abroad. How?

Well as most Caribbean islands work in dollars £10,000 pounds  = $30,000 Barbados dollars therefore you can get so much more for your money and you’ll also have those great sunset shots to show for it as just one example.

Cedric Lynch and Devon Chase from the Barbados Tourist Board understands this fact as they often have queries on destination weddings to answer.  So in the fifth episode of The Butterfly Journal: An Inspiring Wedding Guide, we discuss the different options that are available in order to stretch those pounds.

The second major concern for couples is often the Guests, as deciding on having a wedding abroad is always exciting for the couple but a lot of consideration has to be made for guests as they are investing more for your wedding.

In this situation I believe it’s important for guests to see this as an opportunity for a holiday and not just your wedding day.  I suggest giving guests as much notice as possible so that they are able to attend and have the time  to save and book flights and hotels as early as possible.  

Carla Risha-Wright from the Ritz Carlton, Jamaica agrees with this point offering sound advice in the Butterfly Journal for occupying guests time before and after the wedding.

Legalities are another major concern as the holiday island you love may not be recognised by UK law should you wish to marry there. I suggest you always check with your destination’s embassy for the exact details or hire a wedding planner like Pierre Carr to sort out the details for you. However, where ever you choose to get married its very important to understand the legal requirements.

Peter Meyer from The Rose Hall Resort and Spa, Jamaica discusses this with me in the podcast referring to the amount of days you need to be in Jamaica before you can tie the knot and the paperwork required.

You can hear more tips on What’s stopping you from having a wedding abroad’ by going to The Butterfly Journal podcast.

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Next month, we look at ‘Unique Wedding Locations’.

Until then,  Happy Planning


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