Episode 7: Save on the wedding, don’t scrimp on the photographs..UK edition

So earlier this month, I began discussing the process of finding one of your key suppliers  – your wedding photographer. Focusing specifically on destination photography I highlighted the differences in using an overseas photographer with the help of Steve Cumberbatch.

Today I want to look at what to expect closer to home,  in the UK, this time with the help of Julia Boggio from Julia Boggio photography.

Julia started her photographic career a decade ago and has carved out her own unique style, which is very much a contemporary mix of reportage with a touch of fashion and glamour. The result – like you’ve just stepped out of a page of a magazine.

Here are a couple of examples of her work:

Finding your wedding photographer is firstly about finding a style of photos that speaks to you and you like. Whether it’s traditional (the style your parents have) reportage (documentary style – taking pictures as it happens) or a contemporary mix.

Once you’ve meet your potential photographer then their personality plays a key role because you will both need to get along in order for the whole experience to run smoothly. So definitely find one that makes you feel at ease and you get on with.

Julia takes this to the next level as part of her service she arranges a pre-wedding shoot in order for the nerves and cobwebs to come out. According to Julia ‘the whole experience just proves that they do look good in photos and they can trust me to get the right pictures’.

Whilst the cost of having stunning photos  like these has a massive part to play (and Julia reveals all in the full interview on the Butterfly Journal podcast), finding a photographer with experience is key.  Knowing how to deal with constantly changing light situations and how to work the camera, are just some of the features of a good photographer that you are paying for and someone who is just using a digital camera as a hobby is less likely to get this right so beware!!

Finally its all about trust, if you trust your photographer then like Julia’s clients you’ll be happy to do almost anything in order to get the right pictures.

To hear in detail Julia’s packages and services and her opinions on finding a photographer head to the Butterfly Journal podcast  at  www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

As always I would love to receive your comments about your experiences on finding a photographer or any of the topics we have covered so far.

Until next time, Happy Planning!


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