Episode 7: Save on the wedding, don’t scrimp on your photographs..Caribbean edition

So you are in the throes of planning your wedding and attention has turned from finding that perfect venue to choosing your dress to now finding the right suppliers. But there is one key supplier I would suggest that is too important to overlook and that is your photographer.

Why? Because there are essentially two things that survive your wedding day – your marriage and your photographs and by choosing the right photographer that will capture and document your special day so well that they re-ignite your memories every time you, your kids and your family look at them for years to come is without a doubt priceless.

I would recommend starting your research for a photographer as soon as you set the date as really good photographers are often booked well in advance. But if your knowledge on choosing the right photographer is limited this month’s Butterfly Journal podcast is for you.

How to find the right photographer, what to look for and the various styles on offer are just some questions that will be covered. But in the first part of two episodes covering this topic we talk to destination wedding photographer Steve Cumberbatch, owner of Magical Moments photographic services in Barbados, whose 17 year experience of exclusively photographing weddings makes him the ideal person to speak about destination wedding photography.

I can hear you say but aren’t all photographers the same regardless of where they come from. The easy answer has to be no and Steve will quickly point out that the Caribbean though blessed with great weather being close to the equator has a different quality of light compared to say the UK as it tends to be a lot harsher. Therefore  one tip from Steve is you need to be careful when you schedule the time of your wedding because in the summer months the light is better at certain times of the day than in the winter months for example and only a seasoned pro who is used to dealing with that kind of  light will really understand how to use and manipulate it best to their and your advantage.

To give you an idea of the Steve’s work see a couple of pictures below;

And to hear Steve’s full interview head to the Butterfly Journal podcast  at www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

As always I would love to receive your comments about your experiences on finding a photographer or any of the topics we have covered so far.

Next week we look at tips and questions to ask a photographer?

Until then Happy Planning!


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