Episode 7: Some questions all couples should ask their wedding photographer

So you’ve looked at images in magazines, read various bridal blogs and trawled the web in search of your ideal wedding photographer. You’ve now got an idea of who you like but how do you make your decision?

Making an appointment to see your potential photographer can be nerve racking but take a breath, as this person’s personality as well as their work should make it easy for you to make your decision. And being armed with questions to ask can only be a good thing.

So I thought I would list some questions that photographers I work with and recommend would welcome but aren’t always asked.

1. Should we pay for our photographer’s meals and transport?

Photographers price you for their time and the packages they offer but if you are marrying further afield from where they are, be prepared to cover their transport and accommodation costs especially if you plan on taking a UK photographer to your destination wedding.

As for meals, consider this  – would you go without food for your eight-hour day at work? Therefore in order to help those making your wedding day special offering them a small meal discreetly during say your wedding breakfast when its quiet and not much is happening would always be greatly appreciated.

2. Who owns the copyright of the photographs?

The photographer – photos are their business, so don’t be surprised if they refuse this request.

Also be aware there is a distinction between giving the copyright away and them giving you a disc of images. By giving you a disc of images the photographer still owns the copyright but they are allowing you to reprint their photographs at your discretion. However if you are to use the photographs for any commercial gain the photos still belong to the photographer and his or her work still needs to be credited accordingly.

3. What happens if you (the photographer) are ill?

Although this is an unlikely scenario a good photographer will make sure that there is a well thought out back up plan with another photographer they know very well with a similar style and standard. Always check with your chosen photographer on their chosen plan of action should this happen.

4. Do photographers like being given lists?

Trust always springs to mind here, as you will need to trust your photographer to make sure that they will take all the pictures that they need to create your story.

However we are all aware that your parents may want that picture of Aunt Bessie and her family, so to save time try grouping all relevant parties together in your list to the photographer so that you have more time with him or her getting the pictures of you that you’ll love rather than the ones your mum must have.

5.  Does it matter how many photos I get?

With the evolution of digital photography photographers can take so many photographs in one day and according to one established photographer, Julia Boggio the average amount of photographs she would take in a day could be anything up to 800 images.  However that is way too many photographs for you to go through, so there needs to be certain amount of objectivity.

According to Julia ,‘Your photographer gives you a selection because that is what they feel are the best of the bunch. Its really not about the quantity of pictures you receive but the quality, so you won’t get 800 from me simply because some will be either be very similar or you’ll  have your eyes closed’, so again its about trusting the photographer to deliver the best.

That’s all for now, I hope you have found these questions useful. Next week we look at UK photography and speak to Julia Boggio from Julia photography in more detail on the podcast.

Until then…..Happy Planning


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