Tips for deciding on your florist and flowers

1.     When deciding on your florist, meet them in their studio or shop, have a look at their portfolio of work and even visit them on site at a venue they are dressing to see how they work. A good florist will visit the venue where you want to marry before they take an order. But always go with your gut instinct.

2.     Get inspiration from magazines and books and bring them along to your meeting. However be open to ideas as the florist might have some that you haven’t considered.

3.     Be honest from the start and give your florist a budget to work with. Money can be saved on delivery, installation and collection charges if you have family and friends who can collect and put your flowers in place for you.

4.      Choose seasonal flowers, if money is a factor. Don’t go for peonies in December when the cost of importing them that time of year is expensive.

5.     When choosing a date for your wedding remember that the cost of flowers increases by 50 per cent at popular times of the year like Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

6.     Recycle your church arrangements by asking your florist to move them to the reception and if you are marrying in a hotel or licensed building you should be able to move displays from room to room.

7.     Use expensive flowers where they will be most admired like on your bouquet. But make savings where they will be less heavily featured, for example you can use flower girl baskets rather than posies.

That’s all for now until next week. Happy Planning


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