Episode 9: Flowers and Florists

Last month I was in Barbados working hard as usual and I witnessed a number of weddings taking place at the local hotels. To my amazement I noticed that there were a lot of plastic/silk flowers being used for a number of couple’s wedding ceremonies.

Whilst I understand that everyone has a budget there are so many ways of making savings on your flowers these days that you really don’t have to resort to something very uninspiring and extremely fake despite what any hotel may tell you. That’s why in the second part of the Butterfly Journal podcast on flowers and florists I talk again to Karen Woolven from Karen Woolven floral design about what locally grown seasonal flowers are available in the months you wish to get married.

Karen is quick to tell us that focusing on seasonal flowers will cost you a lot less than trying to fly in exotic blooms from abroad.

Here are some examples:

Spring display of blossom, tulips, narcissi, muscarli and hyacynths

Summer display of peonies, roses, stock and guelder rose

Autumn  display of dahlias and english hydrangea

Winter display of Amarylis, Roses, Eucalyptus pods and Veronica

To hear in detail Karen’s opinions on bridal bouquet trends, floral accessories and flowers for all seasons head to the Butterfly Journal podcast  at  www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

As always I would love to receive your comments about your experiences on finding your flowers and florist or on any of the topics we have covered so far so do drop me a line.

But until next time, Happy Planning!


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