Tips for for what to do with your flowers after your wedding

1.     For all those people who helped to make your wedding day special why not give your table centrepieces away as gifts. Just check before hand the people you are thinking of don’t have allergies and they have the room in their home for large pieces.

2.     Preserve your bouquet either by air drying, silica gel or freeze drying. Freeze drying your bouquet can prove costly but if it’s something that you’d really like to do consider asking for this service as a wedding gift.

3.     Consider giving your flowers to a nursing home or hospice to brighten up someone’s day.

4.     If you are green consider making a compost heap. Just remember to take out the wire, ribbon and other items not needed.

5.     Donate to your local church – they can use them for alter decorations.  Alternatively ask if the church are holding a wedding after yours and find out if the couple would like to use your flowers.


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