Episode 10: Groom’s Style

With this month’s focus on the groom and his entourage, I turn my attention to men’s style and some of the fun accessories out there to help men stand out on their big day.

We all know women have a lot of choice when it comes to their dress, but deciding what to wear can be a big decision for guys too and shouldn’t really be taken lightly. That’s why in the Butterfly Journal podcast I talk to Chris Easter the co-founder of The Man Registry, which is an online resource for grooms offering hundreds of manly wedding gifts and a collection of wedding idea articles, how-to wedding guides and resources for the groom to prepare for his big day.

Asking him some questions that men are always confronted with Chris was able to give me some tips on the following,

1. Tuxedo, Morning Suit or Casual Suit?

This comes down to personal style and your personality. Consult with the bride on the type of wedding you’re having, if it’s a church or more formal setting, a tuxedo or morning suit is the way to go.

2. To rent or buy?

There’s nothing better than having your own suit. Buy something classic, and you can wear it to other weddings and formal events in the future. However if you do rent, use the pants and the jacket but personalise with your own shirt, tie and cufflinks.

3. Getting married overseas?

If you’re getting married in a warmer climate, consider a linen suit with no tie, or something casual like a white or cream linen shirt and trousers. Some men even get married in shorts, if it’s a very casual affair!

To hear in detail more tips from Chris head to the Butterfly Journal podcast at  www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

However I would like to point out regardless of the style you go for,  your wedding attire should be comfortable, reflect your personality and compliment your bride and the day you have planned.

Until next time, Happy Planning!


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