Episode 10: What about the groom?

Getting married – the most important day in a girl’s life.

Some of you have dreamt about it for years – what you are going to look like, where you going to tie the knot and what theme you are going to have – that as soon as your boyfriend pops the question you don’t hesitate to start the journey of making your dream day come true.

But how many of you have actually asked what your partner thinks about your wedding plans? Do you think they are bothered that you have gone off on your own little tangent or do you think they are quite content to just turn up on the day without a care?

Well I thought I would set the record straight and find out from the men these answers. So in this month’s Butterfly Journal podcast I speak to a handful of willing victims who have between them covered all the major duties involved in a wedding from the usher to the best man and groom and asked them did they really feel sidelined when it came to planning their wedding and is the wedding as significant to them as it is to the bride and what expectations do they have for their best man, really?

In a testosterone filled room full of manly banter you may be surprised to find that these particular guys were actually happy to let their fiancée go off and do her thing just as long as they had the initial conversation at the start where the budget was set and their attire wasn’t compromised. However they are all aware that that isn’t the same for everyone. Even the proposal was of far more significance than the day itself, giving how long it took them to get the timing right. But don’t let me explain it, hear what the guys had to say in their own words.

Head to the Butterfly Journal podcast to listen to the full interview and enjoy.

Until next week Happy Planning!


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