Episode 11: All that Glitters – Contemporary Jewellery

So back in May I talked you through the various options for finding your perfect dress, whether you were going for retail or couture. Today I want to talk to you about those little items that enhance the beauty of your dress – your bridal accessories.

Gone are the days where the veil is king as most women now look for alternatives such as tiaras and headbands as well as other items like back jewellery, bracelets and earrings to add that final wow factor.

But how do you really differentiate between all those contemporary jewellery shops?

I’m always looking for something different so in this months Butterfly Journal: An Inspiring Wedding Guide I spoke to contemporary jewellery designer Kirsten Goss from Kirsten Goss London to find out how she has managed to set herself apart from the rest.

Kirsten was keen to tell me that she set up her international business purely because there was a lack of bridge jewellery – that’s pieces that were not just disposable after use but also didn’t come with an expensive price tag like Cartier for example. So all her pieces are classic with a modern twist but has an intrinsic value which means they can remain as heirlooms.

Kirsten doesn’t specialise in traditional jewellery so if you are looking for big embellished tiaras Kirsten is not for you. Here are a few examples:

The experience you’ll receive in store is another major difference. With the option of having the designer or a senior consultant on hand to help you find the jewellery that not only matches your personal style but the dress you are wearing as well.

To hear in detail more about the type of jewellery Kirsten specialises in and the experience you will receive head to the Butterfly Journal podcast at www.pierrecarr.com/podcast.

In the meantime, do let me know about your jewellery experiences. What jewellery are you going for to enhance your dress and how you have found the whole experience of searching?

Also do let me know how you have found my blog and podcasts this year, and which topics you found useful and why so I can make 2011 even better?

This will be my last post before Xmas so I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thanks for reading and I look forward to receiving your comments.


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