Episode 13: Paying Homage

With January being the month for new beginnings, we are often faced with the decision to say goodbye to one thing or another in order to make way for the new.

In our case we have decided to say goodbye to our series of Butterfly Journal podcasts produced to inspire couples in the run up to their wedding, by sharing planning advice from industry experts at home and abroad through first hand interviews.

For now this blog entry will see the last podcast featured for a while allowing us to bring in some new and exciting things during the course of the year.

So let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our contributors who have helped to make these podcasts a success along with our editor Joanne from Jane Hannah Media who has worked tirelessly to help make them happen every month. And secondly to pay homage to our last podcast, a particular favourite of mine from last year ‘Choosing your Dream dress’.

This features Retail manageress Annalize Senol from Morgan Davies and Couture designers Yemi Osunkoya and Catherine Shaw from Kosibah Creations and Allbone and Trimit respectively.

All three of these respected experts in their field have been able to really show off in this podcast a snippet of what they offer, the experience you would get from their service and highlight how they are different.

To take a listen to their interviews head to the Butterfly Journal podcast at www.pierrecarr.com/podcast. With your wedding being a once in a lifetime event this podcast will definitely help you get armed with the right information.

And don’t forget if you do want to listen to more simply head to our archives.

Until next time,



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