Choosing your destination wedding dress

Sticking with the topic of travelling for this month, as promised this blog focuses on choosing the right type of fabric for your destination wedding dress.

Why? Well because destination brides really have a lot more to think about than just finding a dress that will make them look a million dollars as not all fabrics wear well in hot climates, and the last thing you want to happen is for you to look shiny for your pictures because your body is not coping with the climate.

So here are a few of my tips to help make those dress decisions easier:

1. Light weight fabrics are always ideal in hotter climates. Natural fabrics like silk are great as they breathe in the heat and help you to feel cool.

2. However be aware that pure fabrics can crease more easily.  So try to go for mixed fabrics like Duchesse silk or Satin silk. My personal favourites are chiffon, lace and satin.

But giving yourself enough time when you arrive at your chosen location and following my tips on travelling abroad with your dress (see earlier February post) will enable you to eliminate any general travel creases that you may have.

3. If you have a dress with sleeves, its likely that you will sweat so either avoid or look into purchasing some underarm shields which should hinder any staining of your garment.

4. Tight fitting bodices again are prone to sweating so make sure that if you do have one that you dress in a cool place as things become harder to fit into if you are already hot and sticky.

5. And finally if you are opting for a backless, or tight fitting dress there are a number of lingerie options that are available that will help make your dress perfectly seamless. Check out the C-string if you are not having any luck with your normal G-string.


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