Transporting your destination wedding dress

With a business colleague of mine in the throes of trying to find her dream dress for her wedding later this year, I thought this post would be quite useful.

As we all know the wedding dress is the centrepiece for your entire wedding.  So the hunt to find the dress that brings out your best features and makes you look and feel a million dollars is of paramount importance – that’s why you need plenty of time (at least 6 months) to shop around.

For those of you having a destination wedding, when looking around you will also need to think about the following,

i) Finding the right type of fabric that will not only drape well but is crease resistant and;

ii) Being able to get that perfect dress to your chosen destination.

Focusing on the latter this week, here are a few of my top tips:

1. Most bridal gowns come with a garment bag, until it is time to travel the dress should be stored according to the retailer’s instructions. If none is provided, hanging the dress should suffice. However do not store it in the bag for long-term storage, as it does not allow for changes in humidity, which can cause condensation and mold.

2. If you are flying, many airlines no longer hang special occasion garments. To avoid any problems I would suggest contacting the airline and finding out the specific size of its overhead locker so you can pack it in a box of the right size.

3. There are a number of companies that now offer travel boxes but make sure the box is sturdy enough to protect your dress from any accidents, is breathable and is ph neutral.

4. Pack the dress carefully with acid-free tissue paper, which softens any creases as you pack.

5. And finally once you arrive at your destination hang the dress for a day or two and arrange for your hotel to press or steam your wedding gown prior to your wedding, eliminating any final creases.


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