Introducing Jemma Watts from Pearl Pictures

With this month’s blog devoted to photography we thought we would formally introduce Jemma Watts from Pearl Pictures who kindly gave us ‘A friend with a good digital camera’ earlier this month.

Originally a commercial photographer specialising in Food, Lifestyle and Travel photography, for years Jemma would shoot weddings ‘on the side.’ But early in 2008 Jemma decided to start a second business that purely focused on weddings and events, hence Pearl Pictures was born.

What inspired you to get started?

I have always loved photography from a young age and was given my first camera when I was 15. I wanted to study art as a degree but instead took business. In hindsight this turned out to be a very good idea now that I am running my own businesses, but at the time I wasn’t so sure. I worked in the design industry for a few years before leaving to become a professional photographer, which was inspired by my grandfather. Sadly, towards the end of his life, he talked about having regrets, wishing he had done more with his life. Well, I thought to myself, I don’t want to have any regrets, so I decided to give my photography career a chance. After all, I could always go back to my old profession if I couldn’t make a go of it. That was 10 years ago.

What aspect of your work do you most enjoy?

The thing that I enjoy most about my work is the variety that each job brings, both in style and personalities. No two jobs are the same. This challenges me photographically and also in the way I interact with people. I enjoy working with people very much and find it extremely fulfilling when I walk away at the end of the event, knowing I’ve captured some great characters enjoying themselves on a happy occasion.

Describe your personality?

I would say my personality is friendly, fun and lively but at the same time professional, understanding and able to interact with many different people of all ages, backgrounds and personalities. I’m also conscientious about my work and have a strong sense of integrity.

What is your favourite place to hang out?

My favourite place to hang out is in the mountains of Wengen in Switzerland. My Dad lives out there and we all enjoy spending time there as a family, enjoying the beautiful environment and skiing in the winter. I try to go there as much as I can, especially as most of my summer is spent working weddings so I try to make the most of the quieter winter months.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples getting married what would it be?

My best piece of advice for couples getting married is to not cut back on your photography budget. Your wedding photographs should be high on your list of priorities, after all, these are what last forever. You must also make sure that you get on well with your chosen photographer. The personalities have to mix well as you will spending a lot of time together on one of the most important days of you life.

Also every now and then throughout your wedding day, stand back from your guests and soak up the atmosphere of the day. Take in their faces and the joy people are having sharing your day with the two of you.

Our thanks to Jemma Watts from Pearl Pictures. We look forward to receiving your comments on this month’s topic on photography and remember for all your wedding planning needs at home and abroad head to www.pierrecarr.com.


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