The friend with a good digital camera

New year, new changes and our first for this blog is to have a guest blogger – an industry expert who has a topic close to their heart they wish to share with you.

So without further a do lets introduce you to Jemma Watts, owner and photographer of Pearl Pictures based in North London. Jemma has been shooting weddings for over 10 years and her topic for this month is ‘ The Friend with a good digital camera’ – over to you Jemma.

‘Since digital cameras hit the high street, the wedding photography industry has changed forever. Competition has never been more fierce for the professional wedding photographer, now that most people have a digital camera.

I hear way to often, how a friend is going to take the wedding pictures and of course this can be a very attractive offer when considering the savings on the overall budget. However, I can’t tell you how many times I get a last minute booking from brides changing their mind, realising they want a professional to take their photographs.

If a friend is something you are considering, have you thought about what really goes into being a wedding photographer and producing the images you will love and cherish for a lifetime?  If the answer is no here are a few things that you should consider before taking up that kind offer from your ‘friend with a good camera’.

Firstly, it’s not the camera that makes the pictures good; there is actually a skill involved in capturing those memorable moments, like the shots where no-one knows you are there, capturing all the details of the day as well as the emotions.

A professional photographer will know the proceedings of the day, will know where to be at the right time throughout the ceremony, and will always mentally be one step ahead of the proceedings throughout the whole day.

A good wedding photographer will always be on the look out for great shots, while your friend may be catching up with old acquaintances over a glass of champagne – which to be honest, you can’t blame them, they are a guest right?

It’s also important to be able to ‘read’ people, to know when to take the shot. A good photographer will be practically invisible to the guests. My best compliment is when the bride tells me that she didn’t even know I was there.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, you want your friend to enjoy your big day. It is a huge pressure on someone to capture such an important day in your life. The friend simply cannot take great photos, without missing all those special moments whilst at the same time trying to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

So please consider all the above before you make that crucial decision about your wedding photography. Remember…you can’t re-shoot the day if you don’t get the photos you want.’

Jemma Watts


Photos courtesy of Pearl Pictures


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