Introducing Charlene Hutsebaut from Positively Slim

With this month’s blog devoted to ‘losing weight for your wedding’ we thought we would introduce you to the lady behind our guest article this month Charlene Hutsebaut.

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada Charlene moved to England 10 years ago following a stint travelling to establish two businesses. The first her name branded one to one personal training company where clients can take advantage of her Stott Pilates and strength and conditioning credentials. The second her online business Positively slim which is a free membership site for individuals to learn about health, fitness, nutrition, yoga and lifestyle choices.

What aspect of your work do you most enjoy?

Other than the obvious physical progressions my clients will make, I most enjoy when a client realises that being fit is just one part of many other components. Eating well, participating in lots of activities they like as well as making time for themselves as a natural part of their everyday life rather than it being a chore.

Describe your personality?

I like this question because I always think of how my friends or clients would describe me.  I am definitely deeply caring, intuitive, sensitive, outgoing, loyal, honest, reliable, smart, ambitious and assertive.  It has taken me some time as a personal trainer and woman to understand these things about myself and I do feel that I am learning more every day.

What is your favourite place to hang out?

I am not sure I can just pick one place because I am such a world traveller. But in London, I love hanging out on my new flat’s balcony in the sun with my plants. In Canada I love being either poolside at my parent’s condo with old friends or reading a book in the screened veranda at my godparents cabin at the lake.  Back in New Zealand I would love hanging out by driving around the country in a little car, stopping at my leisure at great cafes or beaches.

Describe a perfect day for you?

Ah, a perfect day would be having a coffee in the sunshine either on my balcony or at the beach, then going for either a rollerblade (makes me feel completely free) or a run and some weights and then exploring somewhere new and taking photographs.

If it was a work day I would start the same way, coffee, then a few clients, a workout, some yummy lunch then a few more lovely clients and then home to relax. I suppose my most perfect day would be spending time with my parents at their condo in Canada, as I don’t get enough of those days anymore.

When was the last time you laughed really hard and what was the joke?

Weirdly I think I had a great “belly laugh” last week with two of my new female clients while they were doing a balance exercise.  One of them got the giggles and it just permeated to the rest of us and we couldn’t stop laughing!   It was a lovely moment because I really felt like these women were having fun and for me I was making a difference for them.

Thanks to Charlene Hutsebaut from Positively Slim.

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