Tips for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

1. Most definitely your wedding rehearsal dinner should have a different style and menu to your wedding.

2. It’s not a necessity to send out invitations, but if you have time it’s a good idea.

3. You can always invite other family members and out of town guests who are not part of the ceremony to join you, as it will be a great opportunity for you to spend time with them which you might not have on the day.

4. This is the ideal time to give gifts to your wedding party and thank them for their contribution in the wedding.

5. The wedding party can use this opportunity to show video clips of the couple when they were young. Some take baby pictures and enlarge them, but in all these make great ice breakers and are certainly lots of fun.

6. This is an great time to go over last minute details with relevant family members and the wedding party before the big day.

7. Finally, don’t drink a lot at the dinner and go home early so that you have lots of rest and look your best on your big day.


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