To keep or not to keep that Wedding Dress?

With the year quickly drawing to a close we raise a topic that is prevalent with a lot of brides who have now got married – what do I do with my wedding dress?

With thoughts of starting a family or even saving up to buy a house, the year of planning is now over and with gorgeous photos, videos and happy memories to keep forever – the dress that took ages to find now tugs at the heart for a very different reason.

This dilemma is right at the top of one former bride and our final guest blogger for the year, Jayne Denneny, Sales Manager at catering company Payne & Gunter. Jayne got married two years ago and is now in a real quandary about what to do, so its only fitting for her to take centre stage and put her case to you to see if you can help her. Over to you Jayne.

‘Finding the right dress!

Most brides spend what seems like an eternity on this one element of their big day and then in 24 hours the moment has past, the dress has been worn, and its foreseeable resting place is locked away in a cupboard.

The dilemma now is, is that where it will stay or should I sell the dress to put towards our ‘future fund’ i.e. ‘babies and things’.  For a realistic bride this may be a no brainer however there is something that keeps holding me back from loading it onto a reputable site to help me sell it.

Essentially I LOVE my dress and as most brides believe, I looked my best in it. Memories of my celebration are locked into it and once it’s sold I’ll never be able to open up the wardrobe and look at it and let all the memories flood back. 

The other part of me thinks however – stop being so sentimental, it’s just a dress!

I’m torn. If I decide to keep the dress I love the thought that I may use it to make a christening gown for my first born or maybe it is purely the fact that it was the best day of my life and I want the memory to remain ‘hung in my wardrobe.’

On the other side I really believe that someone else would really like my Maggie Sottero, Adelaide dress. So why not give them the chance to have the perfect day in it just as I did.

So what do I do? I’m completely torn knowing that if I take the plunge I could regret it forever.

Jayne Denneny, Payne & Gunter

What do you think Jayne should do? We would love to hear your suggestions as you may provide the answer Jayne has been looking for.


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