Deciding on a destination wedding

January is the month of new beginnings – so if you have recently got engaged a big congratulations!

You will soon start to look at how you will create the wedding of your dreams (if you haven’t started already) and as a destination wedding planner its only right for me to throw having a destination wedding into the mix, as it really is one to consider.

1. First up the world is your oyster; the possibilities to marrying abroad are endless. But so you don’t get overwhelmed just think of one country that you both loved whilst you were on holiday together.

2. If this thought excites you, then follow this through with some initial research to finding a good destination wedding planner. If you haven’t considered one before its well worth thinking about here as they will know the destination your thinking of well and save you a lot of time and hassle.

3. If you are after something different for your wedding the choice of stunning backdrops for a destination wedding will definitely make you stand out from your friends. Choose between an abundance of beaches, hill tops, yachts, forests, the choices really is endless.

4. If you are worried about the amount of people you will have to invite. A destination wedding really cuts your guest list down to only those who really want to come and those you actually want to be there.

5. Just give them enough time to book their flight and accommodation which is normally a year in advance or as soon as you picked your venue.

6. Finally if you are often disappointed when you hardly see the bride and groom at weddings. You won’t have to worry here, as a destination wedding is a great opportunity for you to enjoy your friends and family, as they’ll probably book at least three days to seven days holiday. So just think about all the things you could plan for your guests before and after the wedding to make their holiday and your wedding  memorable.

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