Tips for Leap Year Marriage Proposals

February is the month of love and whilst most people hate the cheesyness Valentine’s can bring it is also a a leap year – which means ladies you can now take control and show how romantic you can be with a capital R when you propose to your man on February 29th.

According to folk lore its said that Lady luck bestows special favour on any venture, business or personal if its initiated on this day. So what are you waiting for?  Here are some more tips to add to those earlier this month for you consider.

1. Choose a place that he will love rather than what you’d like. Consider attending a football game to get him in the mood.

2. However don’t bring it up if his football team has just lost, timing is everything. Wait until later in the day when you have a glass of bubbly in your hand and he’s enjoyed the experience you’ve had together.

3. If your not sure about getting down on bended knee why not give him a card with the question inside to see his reaction?

4. Think of an alternative gesture to a ring  if he’s not into jewellery.

5. The traditional penalty if a man refuses your proposal on the 29th is that he has to pay. So remind him of that very expensive pair of shoes you are after if his reaction is a little slow.

Good Luck


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