The Gift of Spring – Renewal of Vows

Well this month sees the start of Spring and more importantly Mothering Sunday. So what shall we get the most important person in our lives?

Well for the gentlemen out there why not make the day special and give the gift of renewal.

With divorces going up year on year (according to the Office of Statistics) a couple managing to stay together through thick and thin deserves a celebration, so consider these tips to take the plunge;

1. There are far less dos and don’ts about vow renewal, it can be as simple as just the couple or a large affair with hundreds of guests.

2. To be honest you don’t have to wait for a major milestone to renew your vows you can be any age and be married for any length of time to carry out this special event.

3. As the ceremony has no legal effect all you’ll need is a copy of the original marriage certificate when booking the ceremonial venue.

4. As vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony you can have whoever you want to officiate – a clergyman, a close friend,  a relative or even your children.

5. The basic premise is to exchange vows, so if you didn’t write your own personal vows the first time round you can really take centre stage here.

6. After you exchange vows you exchange rings – so you can either engrave your original ones or purchase new ones (and I’m sure your partner will love the latter).



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