2013 Wedding Dresses to look out for

The White Gallery held in Battersea Park London in May is a great opportunity to see the newest collections of some UK and international designers. We popped along to have a look and and here are some of our favourites and one’s for you to watch for if you are dress hunting later this year.

Pepe Botella

The stylish number on the left from Pepe Botella’s 2012 Dawn collection moves on even further for 2013 to a more 1950’s feel (pictured right). But as always not taking away the modern crisp clean lines and body hugging silhouettes that Botella uses.

Johanna Hehir

Ceclia and Florence are part of the new collection which shows of  Johanna’s signature style – slim silhouette shapes.

David Fielden

The iconic Wallis Simpson dress takes a step further for 2013 with a softer skirt – you can have it all ladies.


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