Brides, Do you want to double barrel, mesh or just change your surname?

Last week I had the pleasure of being asked onto BBC London 94.9 Ladies lounge to discuss all things current affairs. You can listen to the show here.

One of the interesting topics we talked about was the recent popularity of ‘meshing your surname’, which according to the Daily Telegraph is when couples can blend their surnames in a new trend that has seen Mr Pugh and Miss Griffin become Mr and Mrs Puffin.

Good idea – I’m not sure.

Having gone through the whole restless process of deciding on whether I should take my husbands name or keeping my maiden name. I know how many brides feel and this may now just add to their confusion.

The practice, which originally became popular in the US with American newlyweds, six years ago, is apparently now soaring in popularity in the UK. So much so that the UK Deed Poll Service, the UK’s largest issuers of Deed Polls (approximately 50,000 a year) have had to create a separate system to cope with demand and track the fast-growing trend. Read story here.

So which way will you choose, do you like this new idea of fusing your names or are you happy to simply change or double barrel?


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