Wedding News: What happened to your wedding dress?

What happened to your wedding dress?

Last summer Keira Knightley married The Klaxons star James Righton in a Chanel dress she had for years. It was her something old, and a dress she had had a great time in, and wanted to have again.  So I was surprised to hear this week that Keira confessed that this lovely knee length tulle dress, now has red wine spilled down the front of it and got me wandering, what has happened to your wedding dress? Considering how long it takes to find it and how much you spend on it, is it cared for somewhere safe or is it a write off and in the bin?

What happened to your wedding dress

Obviously an accident Keira points out ”I’m pretty sure I can get it out but, if I can’t, I’m happy with the memory of a good night and the story of how the dress got destroyed.” Keira isn’t the first celebrity to admit to wedding dress calamity as Lily Allen recently admitted that she lost her £20,000 Chanel couture gown she wore on her wedding day and doesn’t know where it is (wow mouth open). I have to confess my wedding dress is in a safe place waiting for I don’t know what.But it took me so long to find and I have so many happy memories of the day I wore it. I think I would be sad if I didn’t have it to show to someone again.

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