Pierre Carr is now on Instagram

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Pierre Carr is now on Instagram



Hello lovely readers, this is just a quick post to let you know that I have finally succumbed and you can now find me on Instagram. Oh boy!!

While I get to grips with it, what you’ll see will be pictures from the blog reminding you I have a new blog post up, probably what I am up to work wise and anything work related stuff that I think will inspire you.

I’ll be frank, Instagram for me is something I’ll have to work on, so don’t expect to see images coming out of my ears. But I can say that this will be another way you can get to know me, leave a comment and make me feel like there is someone out there, listening (smile).




Pierre Carr on Instagram


Just to remind you who I am, the face behind this blog –¬† here is my mug shot taken by the lovely Eddie Judd. You will be pleased to know that despite this being a fashion and red carpet blog you won’t be seeing images like this of me on Instagram but I thought I would put them up to let you know that this fun, loving person behind this blog would love to hear from you so follow me at Pierre Carr here and lets build a relationship.



Credits: keepcalmomatic.co.uk, Eddie Judd Photography


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