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Would you like to work with Pierre Carr




Hello lovely readers, its great to be back and I am so excited to let you know about some new styling services that I am offering on my blog that you can take advantage of. However I have to clear a few things up first!

When most people think of stylists, they think of two things; a personal stylist that goes through your wardrobe and tells you what colours and styles work for your shape and shade and takes you on a shopping spree to make amends. Otherwise its the celebrity stylist that picks out designer clothes for their clients to wear at red carpet events.

Well I am neither of those as I tend to work as an editorial and brand stylist. In a nutshell as an editorial stylist I work on photo shoots for magazines and music videos where I am in charge of the clothing, accessories and the general look of the models and the location. I sometimes have a say on the team (i.e. hair and make up artist) I would be working with but once the concept for the shoot is finalised I pull together all the clothes and items for the shoot choosing the items the model will be wearing on the day and arranging them on the model as the photographs get taken.

I work with PRs, designers and brands and have also taken on the responsiblities of an art director, where I’ve had to choose and direct the theme of the photo shoot and as a result, direct the entire team.



Would you like to work with Pierre Carr




As for brand styling I essentially work with brands to showcase their items in the best possible way. This means I get involved with a collection at the end once most of the garments have been designed and help to tie them together for a shoot. Essentially helping to create great imagery for the business to use for promotion.

I love what I do and I wanted to create the opportunity to work with you  my lovely readers whether you are a business or would like to have a make over and benefit from a stylist like me. Thats why I have created three new services.

The first is all about props. As you may know having a theme, whether its  colour related or a style when you are planning a wedding or organising an event helps to pull lots of elements together. So if you are after props and other special items – I’m your girl. For me its not about having my own stock but its about knowing the best places to go and source and provide them for you to make your special event extra special.  Take a look here for a little more information.

The second, if you have a milestone event or birthday coming up and want to show yourself in all your glory as well as having great images to boot why not let me and my team make you over. Take a look here.

And finally if you are a small or established business that would benefit from a new look book to show off your designs and would like some great editorial images of your brand to promote your business come and have a chat with me. Take a look at the service here and examples of my work here.


Well thats it, I hope you feel inspired to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.



Credit: Inslee Haynes


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