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Hello lovely readers, if you have bridesmaids who wouldn’t appreciate identical gowns as they’d wear them once then shove it in back of the closet, then help is at hand. Just consider for the moment you don’t have to go down the traditional route, as there are some great styles that could easily make your bridal party stand out and be easier on their and your pocket.

Take for example, the stripey skirt and off the shoulder outfit which is very on trend and is definitely one that your bridal party will wear over and over again. Known as the Flynn skirt and designed by Anne M Crammer, you could pick up something similar from House of Fraser here.



fashion conscious bridesmaids


If you love a fairytail dress but your bridal party aren’t too keen why not mix up their poufy princess tulle skirts with polka dot shirts. Try this one from The Ark or this one from Jolie Moi.



fashion conscious bridesmaids


If you want to give your bridesmaids more freedom, why not let them show of their personality by letting them choose their own outfit but give them a colour palette that you are happy with. You’ll probably be surprised to see what happens. What do you think of this?



fashion conscious bridesmaids



If like me you have a soft spot for floral dresses, there are so many to choose from you will really be spoilt for choice. For starters why not try this one from Asos.



fashion conscious bridesmaids


If you love the glitterati but want something different, why not put your bridesmaids in sequin skirts for an alternative, with a structured camisole. Try this one from Phase Eight.



fashion conscious bridesmaids



Finally if you are after something more casual how about some boho dresses and booties. Head to Asos for your first stop boho.


Credits: A Bryan Photo, Dawn Alexander Photogrephy, Our Labor of Love, Stewart Leishman Photography, Charlie Juliet, Jen Rodriguez Photography.


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