Christening Outfits – Dressing For A Family Occasion

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Christening in Style: Dressing for a family occasion




Hello lovely readers, so after Pippa Middleton wore a distinctly bridal bridesmaid’s dress on her sister Kate’s big day, she’s been at it again recently, stepping out in a cream Emilia Wickstead dress teamed with nude heels at her niece’s christening. Kate meanwhile wore an Alexander McQueen outfit, again with nude heels and both sisters accessorised with small cream hats and drop earrings with well-groomed low buns.

The question is did Pippa deliberately set out to upstage Kate? Should Pippa have checked her outfit with Kate before the day? It’s impossible for us to know if they chatted but regardless of the potential etiquette nightmares here, I think we can all agree that both outfits were super chic for a traditional christening.




Christened In Style – Dressing For A Family Occasion





Looking across all of the dresses that were on display, there’s no doubt that the Royals (and the Middletons) have got the dress code thing totally nailed. They balanced the smart-yet-celebratory outfit choice to perfection and, whether you like them or loathe them, there’s plenty we can all learn from this family about fashion for special occasions.




Christening in Style: Dressing for a family occasion




Firstly, the Royals are great at setting out clearly what they expect. Invitations always come with details of the dress code and whilst we might have all shied away from ‘telling’ our guests what they should wear to events, it’s actually super helpful. How many times have we all stressed about what to wear to work functions, important family gatherings, milestone events and weddings? A dress code stops all of that and it sets the tone for the event.

Secondly, the colour choices of the ‘main players’ at the Royal christening are all spot on. A christening is a joyful occasion so the pastels and neutrals are perfect. For special daytime events, dark outfits just look too drab and depressive. I know we all love the versatility of the iconic Little Black Dress but it’s not suitable for everything. The patterned dress The Queen wore under her coat, the embellishments on Camilla’s skirt and the detailing around the neckline on Carole Middleton’s coat are great – playful and appropriate without being OTT.




Christening in style: Dressing for family occasions





Thirdly, all the women are dressed to suit the Great British Summer weather. It’s always so tough when you’re buying an outfit for an event to find something that will work whatever the weather throws at you. Again, the dress/coat combination could be your saving grace here. Keep the coat on for the more formal part of the day and then, if the weather allows, you can remove it and still look great. Should it be a colder day than you hoped for, you’ll still look event-ready without shivering.




Christening in style: Dressing for a family Occasion




Lastly, these guys know how to make an effort. Yes, yes, I know you’re probably thinking that that’s really easy when you’ve got pots of money and designers begging you to wear their designs but making an effort doesn’t just mean buying your look. It means thinking about the occasion you’re dressing for, thinking about the people that have invited you and spending time, not cash, on bringing your look together. Give yourself time to find something to wear, plan ahead and make the most of sales, look after whatever you buy so it’s hung up and well pressed and don’t be afraid to get things altered so they fit as well as possible because a well fitted cheaper outfit will always look better than an expensive thing that doesn’t flatter.

So, you don’t need antique jewels, limitless wardrobes and dressers to look great for special occasions. You need some time to think and get ready and given that the Royals are experts in pre-event fashion prep, do you think Pippa and Kate really didn’t know what each other would be wearing?



All images via The Mail Online




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