Royal Ascot 2015: Hat Trends

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Royal Ascot: How to wear a hat



Hello lovely readers, while horse racing isn’t something I’ve had the opportunity to attend I do love fashion watching and Royal Ascot always provides the perfect opportunity to check out the good, the bad and the slightly calamitous outfits on parade and this year, there was a lot to enjoy.

Royal Ascot’s own Style Guide says that if you’re planning to mingle in the Royal Enclosure, then ‘formal daywear is a requirement’ – dresses and tops must have straps of one inch or greater, dresses and skirts must be of ‘modest’ length and ‘hats should be worn’.

Ascot loves hats and fascinators are a dirty word – they’re not even allowed in some of the enclosures. Proper hats are also making a comeback at weddings and other special occasions so, with summer events firmly in mind, here’s a little look at who won the hat battle at Ascot this year and what trends we can all take from the women who led the style stakes in 2015.





Royal Ascot: Hat Trends



There were plenty of floral hats at Ascot this year and this easy-to-wear trend gives a real summery look and whether you go for petals or full flowers, you’ll be fashion-forward and feminine. The floral vibe is also really adaptable and can work on hats of all sizes. Think one large bloom on a small hat or, if you’d like to wear a bigger design, cover the crown and brim in flowers.

I loved seeing the different styles on show at Ascot this year and a floral hat is a great way to soften a bold coloured outfit or you can wear a show-stopping hat with a pastel dress for added drama.



Royal Ascot: Hat Trends



Feathers were another much-loved detail at Ascot. They’re natural yet sculptural and elegant yet eye catching all at the same time. Some designers used stripped back, arrow shaped feathers on smaller hats that sit forward on the forehead (another BIG trend) and some used natural coloured feathers in curls around the crowns. I loved them all and a feather-strewn hat would look amazing at a wedding. If you’re a little shorter, then a small hat with tall feathers would be perfect – in proportion and totally on-trend.




Royal Ascot: Hat Trends



Hats at gravity-defying angles are also big news this year. From those that look like they’d fall from your forehead to those with brims that lean dramatically, angled hats are really popular this season. They’re not only jaw-droppingly attractive and great for grabbing attention; they’re also the perfect addition to a plainer outfit or for bringing a feminine twist to a sharp trouser suit. Similarly, if you’ve got a much loved dress from summers past in your wardrobe, investing in an on-trend headpiece will bring your look right up to date.



Royal Ascot: Hat Trends



There were plenty of extremes in sizes on show at Ascot this year from the completely compact to the lavishly large – anything in the middle is a definite no-no! Sweet and neat hats and sit demurely on the head can be just as appealing as huge statement headpieces (although you might cast shadows wherever you go!). I would just say that if you’re choosing a hat for a wedding or other church occasion, remember that women don’t remove their hats inside so do just be aware that you might be blocking someone’s view if you decide to go large! Big or small, it’s certainly personal choice and, if you’re not a frequent hat wearer, a smaller design might make you feel more comfortable but then again, why not enjoy the excuse to indulge and really turn heads?



Image Credits: Cream Hat, Pink Floral Hat, Brown Hat – via Grazia Daily
Large Hat and The Tootsie Rollers – via The Telegraph


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