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Gone are the days when parents struggle to find soft pastels and feminine prints for boys. The fun and the whimsical now very much applies to boys too. Brands like Someday Soon (who I featured in June) have bold floral prints on their boys tops and bottoms in their SS18 collection. But for swimwear I have just discovered the world of Agatha Cub.



A little black boy wearing Agatha Cub floral print swim trunks



The general rule is that for anything feminine on boys, a dark background is key for a masculine edge. But I have know doubt the background also helps to make prints pop. This is very much the case for these green jangle forest swim shorts which has great pink flora and to compliment ‘the dads’ are tight fitted and made from Poly/Spandex.  



A little black boy wearing Agatha Cub floral print swim trunks



What I love about this brand is that they make one of a kind prints from original photographs of the world around us. They are free of expectations and stereotypes and they are designed to offer a different perspective and inspire inquisitive minds. Definitely a brand that deserves a thumbs up.

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