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As I kid I always wanted to strut my stuff down a catwork and wear cool brands, I didn’t quite get there but a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being part of Mini Mode, London’s Premier kids fashion show  and wow what and experience. Working as a stylist behind the scenes, helping to get hundreds of amazing kids ready, for what would be for some their first fashion experience, was a dream come true. Was it hectic. Hell yeah! But what came out front, was amazing.



Little black girl in Hugland outfit enjoying all the accessories at Mini Mode, London't Premier Kids Fashion Show


Working with two other stylists,  Becky Seagar and Kate Hill we had the mammouth task of styling over 500 kids along with seven dressers to showcase some exciting kids brands. Amanda summed up what we did nicely on Instagram recently “Sometimes it’s hard to describe what stylists do but to me they bring EVERYTHING to life in a new and creative way. It might be a little assessory or the twist of a hat. Our stylist team is INCREDIBLE.”



Three girl models on the runway at Mini Mode, London's Premier kids show wearing Hugland, Junona and BEBEBEBE


With two shows (consumer and industry) and hundreds of kids including the under 5s, it was non stop. But what stood out for me was that Mini Mode achieved diversity in abundance and inclusion of those who might not have been given the chance.  Quite an achievement for a fashion show, as so many of the main stream feature very few models of colour and sizes.



Proud Zebedee models showing how inclusion is positive at Mini Mode



I am so proud of Amanda Rabor the founder and creator of Mini Mode for managing to establish a platform for kids fashion in the UK and showcasing emerging designers, as well as major kids brands during London Fashion Week. You have indeed cornered the market as there is nothing like this out there and I can see this will indeed grow from strength to strength.



Amanda Rabor, the creator of Mini Mode at the inaugurable event in September 2018



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