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Hello lovelies,

Over the past few months I have realised that so many of us want to look good, but don’t really know how to go about it the right way. The usual routine is that everyone binges over Christmas because it’s the new year and in their mind they’ll be treating themselves to a gym membership in January.

When the new year starts however, they head to the gym every day for the first two weeks and then falls off the grid (with a big plop) !!

Why? Simply put, it didn’t fit in their current lifestyle and the effort to look good was an expectation set way to high, way too early. Who can relate to that?

Now step in Covid and lockdown and what do you have?  A pile of Christmas food round your middle but no way of getting rid of it. Some people have got smart and signed up to some online personal fitness instructors to part with their money. But my question here is, do you know their credentials? Are they someone who understands your body? Understands the nutrition you may need or not need for your age etc?

I think its easy to be suckered in by all the bells and whistles of a great social media ad, but when you scratch the service how long have they actually been doing their craft for and do they have the experience to help you when you don’t quite meet their goal of losing weight or toning up in x amount of time?

Others meanwhile, have just used lockdown as an excuse to vegetate especially if they are strapped to a laptop and working from home.

Neither of those are great, that it is why I have finally decided it was time to stop hiding from my previous career and help you and others out there not only with my styling, but to get you fit and confident with your body. You must be thinking what are you talking about, aren’t you just a fashion and personal stylist?

Well actually NO!!

In a previous chapter of my life, I use to represent my country Great Britain in track and field and as an elite athlete I know exactly what it takes to get your body right and more importantly what foods to take and ones to avoid. Ok so before you rush to watch the video above which goes into detail. I know that not everyone wants to be a finely tuned engine. But either way the same applies.

Look Good and Feel Great with Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr in the Athens World Champions representing GB

The knowledge I have is invaluable and that is why I have decided to team up with former team mates to offer my clients the opportunity to get fit and stylish once and for all. Whilst I focus on getting your style right by understanding your body and what works for you, the team runs 21 day challenges that you can join to get you fit and your mindset right. There is so much to choose from including yoga sessions, hiit and weight workouts as well as education and nutrition sessions. None of these will be done alone and I am actively involved myself doing them all so do watch my IG stories for the activities I do to keep fit daily.

If this is something you would be interested in, at this initial stage watch the video here  and let me know what you would like to achieve by filing in my wellness profile so I can work on next steps. For everyone else here are some some fashion tips.

While we have been in lockdown, there’s been a lot of  buzz around loungewear and believe me there are some really cool pieces. However can I be clear loungewear is not fitness gear. Firstly, loungewear is never something you’d work out in as they nearly always come in expensive fabrics such as cashmere or wool and secondly sportswear have way more fabric technology. Now that’s out of the way here are some ‘look good’ loungewear pieces for you;

  1. Live the Process: Wrap effect ribbed jumper and trousers 
  2. & Other Stories: Hoodie set
  3. Mango: Hoodie set 
  4. Raey: Lounge set
  5. Cos: Hoodie

Tip of the Day:  Just keep moving. As humans we were not designed to be stagnant. So all you have to do is go for a decent walk every day for around an hour which will get you to 5km. Take a look at me doing just that in the snow.

If you like these tips and video and you haven’t already, why not join my style community where you get tips and offers and updates. Just head to the link here to subscribe to receive emails. Also if you hate shopping and would like me to help you download my outfit planner which shows you how my virtual shopping can work for you here.

If my video resonated with you and you are fed up with what you are wearing and genuinely want to make changes this year. Lets have a chat drop me at and lets take it from there.

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