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Hello lovelies,

Let me get straight to the point, how confident are you in the way you look and feel?

The reason I ask is that back in January I had the pleasure of chatting style and fashion with one of Britain’s most influential black women (according to British Vogue’s 2020 Power List) Dawn Butler MP, as well as getting the opportunity to ask her more serious questions such as, what’s it like to be a women in government, as well as what’s it really like to be black and woman in government.

Naturally you assume that some one of her stature would feel confident all the time. But during this honest conversation, Dawn mentions at certain times in her career she felt shy or didn’t feel confident in certain scenarios and it made me realise – despite the persona, even the most influential of women can get nervous, lack confidence and question their ability to own their own stage even if its for a minute.

My interview with Dawn Butler MP was indeed very open and honest and I love to scratch past the surface and get to know the real person (and you can watch this honest interview here.) But it also highlighted to me how image has a massive part to play in your confidence and if you are struggling with how you look or want pointers on how to improve your image then this post is for you.

As a fashion stylist one of the biggest reasons why clients come to me, is that they want to get confident with what they wear and how they look. But I believe it’s so important for people to understand that their image is not just about how you look but also about your self esteem and how you portray yourself to others as well as yourself.  So there are a number of pointers I would like to give, to help you take the right road to dressing confidently.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights how to dress confidently

Knowing your body shape: Have you every bought outfits online or in person and realise that they don’t suit you when you get them home? Well that’s simply because you don’t know your body type. Understanding your body type makes a massive difference to the purchases you make and whilst not everybody is the same size or proportion, dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape can help you confidently strut your stuff whether you’re short or tall.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights how to dress confidently

Understanding your wardrobe: A lot of us have loads of items in our wardrobe but will always say we don’t have anything to wear and that’s purely because we are not looking at our  wardrobe creatively. As a stylist weeding out the items that can be worn in different ways to make new outfits and donating or getting rid of the rest is the pillar to get a client back on the right road so they know what’s in their wardrobe and how to use it. Therefore this shouldn’t be left to chance. If covid has taught us anything,  buying for the sake of buying is not smart, especially when times are hard.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights how to dress confidently

Finding your colours: Knowing what colours suit your complexion and hair colour, whilst understanding what colours can say about you and the mood they can convey, are so important especially if you are an entrepreneur or just want to give the right impression at work. Statistics say people are six times more likely to be influenced by the colour you wear than anything else about your appearance? Therefore one of the ways to dress with confidence is to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights how to dress confidently

Playing to your strengths: Creating an image that you love has to be based on what are your best features and how to highlight them. By understanding you body shape, then choosing the outfit that flatters, in a colour you look good in, will enable you to have a well thought out look, that you are happy with, no matter what your style.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights how to dress confidently

Gaining your personal style: Once you have an understanding in these areas, finding your personal style becomes easy and you will know what to wear wherever you are going, whether its for a business meeting or out with friends.


Tip of the day: Dressing confidently really doesn’t have to be down to chance, personal stylists like me can genuinely help you get on the path to feeling great and dressing with confidence. If this resonates with you why not book a FREE discovery call with me to see how I can move your image to the next level here.

However if this has been on your mind for quite a while and want to find out your body type with no hesitation book here and if its a wardrobe edit book here. In both scenarios I will be with you in a heart beat.

Finally, if you like these tips why not join my style community where you get tips, offers and products information straight to your inbox, just head here.

I hope you found this post useful?

Until next time xx



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