How to change your look in 5 simple steps

Makeover Transformation

Hello lovelies,

How to change your look doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you are not quite ready for the investment there are lots of easy tricks and habits you can do to get you started.

I take you through some of them below. But first I have to say I am excited to reveal the second part of my makeover with a working mum who was fed up with how she looked.  Working from home all day due to Covid she had got in a rut and wanted a change.  So the team and I set to work showing her how easy it was to change her look after being in front of the camera all day to the evening ahead.  Head here to watch the full video and let me know in the comments what you would want to change about how you look?

But as promised though, here are some tips to help you make make simple changes for a fresh new you.


Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on how to change your look

Wear Colour: Many of us tend to stick to what’s safe with colours black, blue and grey. But colour is a fun way to change up your appearance and show off your personality.


Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on how to change your look

Wear a statement necklace : Just some simple jewellery or accessories can do wonders and really change your look. Try beads or stones in a bold colour that complements your skin tone or wear gold metal for a warm skin tone and silver for cooler skin tones.


Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on how to change your look


Coloured Lipstick: Wearing bright lipstick is one of the quickest and easiest tricks to change your look. You may not think you can pull off a bold lipstick, but it’s just about finding the right shade for you can really enhance your look.


Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on how to change your look


Go for a bra fitting: Many of us are guilty of wearing the same tried-and-tested bras for years, despite the fact that your bust may have changed shape and size especially after having children. Get a free fitting done and invest in a decent bra. You’ll be amazed at what an impact  a well-fitted bra can have as well as creating a more flattering silhouette.


Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives you tips on how to change your look

Get Moving:  Not only can working out help you build muscle, but it can help improve the appearance of your skin and complexion. Exercise increases blood flow, which helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital, according to WebMD. This can help improve skin issues like acne and eczema.

Tip of the day: Just by adding these tiny tricks and habits they can help you feel more confident, attractive and comfortable in your own skin. They also don’t take long to achieve and don’t cost much. Helping you feel like the best version of yourself.

If you these tips resonate with you and you’d love to take the steps to a new and better you let’s have a chat here. But if you are ready to start changing your life from the inside and putting nutrition and exercise back, sign up here for my 21 day challenge.  These begin at the start of every month and just requires a motivated mind and willingness to eat right throughout the challenge.

If you are ready to  a signature look take a look at my exclusive service here.

Finally if you like what you read and want to be a part of my Style community why not download my free outfit planner here.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments what you are struggling with?

Until next time xx



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