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Well I was so excited to attend the VIP opening night of Brides The Show last week, especially having talked about the death of the wedding show back in March. And since Brides magazine is the best selling Bridal title in the UK it was interesting to see what had changed if at all.

Bride The Show Catwalk image

With their iconic dress exhibition featuring the wedding dresses of Joan Collins and Cilla Black amongst others and VIPs like Matt Goss singing his latest song ‘I do’ we were definitely spoilt for choice. However despite seeing some great new suppliers as well as the established ones, for me the one thing that stood out the most was the dramatic look and feel of the catwalk which had two huge wisteria trees giving a very magical forest effect. Think Twilight wedding and you get the picture.


Any wedding needs a mood or theme and for me the wisteria showed it off beautifully. I think on the whole the Brides team did a great job in putting the show together and I’m glad its a staple again that Brides and the wedding industry can refer to every year.

To see more pictures and videos from the night head to The Brides website.


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