Hi there, Welcome to my blog. A place where I plan on sharing a little bit of me and what I love, kids fashion and gorgeous red carpet and bridal creations. What a funny combination I hear some of you say, but not to me. Six years ago I was still creating unique and beautiful weddings in the Caribbean for UK couples, as the owner of a destination wedding and events business. But with the onset of two children my visual creativity, which I believe was always there, got opened to the cool world of children’s fashion.


My career, which began as a broadcast journalist working for the BBC, where writing and voicing pictures was the norm has now changed to convey a message without sound, and I have to say I love it. By being able to create a visual story by the props, setting and fashion I use, I take the reader on a journey of interpretation and that blows my mind every time.

Anyway enough about me, I look forward to sharing more with you, so please check back every week and so as not to miss anything please sign up to the blog.

Until then. Michelle






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