The Art of Wearing a Blanket Scarf: Five Ways

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Hello lovelies,

How do you wear your blanket scarf? Well if its just throw it on then this post is for you.

Christmas is definitely is one of my favourite times of the year and whilst I know it will be different for all of us this year, you will still be thinking about gifts for someone. So if you are after a gift that has longevity and legs I would definitely recommend a blanket scarf. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’s great for layering. Please note though, whilst layering may appear easy there is a distinct art to layering that isn’t always easy to master.

So what is layering you may ask? In simple terms layering is a styling technique that allows for creativity but it also infuses practicality, especially in this season, when we have to be equally prepared for the freezing cold outside and quite warm temperature inside.

For beginners, there is one simple rule that you should try to follow at all times: thin to thick. What this means is that when you’re putting together a look, the pieces that you layer together should get thicker and more heavyweight as you progress outwards.

This technique ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closest to your skin, and the more durable, heavyweight pieces are protecting you from the elements allowing you to remove or add layers easily, controlling your body temperature in the process.

Oversized wool or cashmere scarves are the best tools for creating an illusion of layers even if you’re not wearing many. The bigger, the better, drape it over your shoulders or neck, use a belt to create a silhouette, or just let it cascade down and flow around your body. If it’s the same shade as your coat or blazer, it adds a depth to the layered look, if it’s different, it adds some interesting contrast.

I have created a video that looks at the basic ways you can style a blanket scarf from wearing it as a simple neck scarf, to a poncho fold that you can wear to a special event and the layered drape. If you like this video then do let me know as I will be happy to do more content on this dependent on your interest. It also doesn’t stop there, as you can make a skirt out of a blanket scarf as well as a dress. I see your eyes opening but yes you can, you just need to know how.

Tip 1 : Layering provides you with the perfect way to introduce colour or print to your looks. For the less confident, confining these hues/patterns to your under layers will help negate their impact due to the top layers only exposing part of the garment. 😉

Tip 2: Your look should still work each time you add or remove an item. No matter what outfit you create, there will undoubtedly come a time when it becomes too warm for all of your layers, and if you haven’t considered how your ensemble breaks down and the pieces work independently, it can spoil your entire aesthetic. You don’t want to be the person who is too afraid to take off their jumper  just because their t-shirt doesn’t work with a skirt.

I’d love to know how you get on. This week I got a picture from a new follower on Instagram who tried out my video which was really cool. Your’e in my style community so I would love to see how my tips are helping you.  Enjoy the video xxx

PS: If you like my how to style videos why not check out how to style a shift dress here and if you would like help with your style don’t forget to book a discovery call with me here.


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