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Hello my lovelies,

Not long to go now before Christmas, so I wanted to ask have you considered giving a gift card this year?

Yes, I know what you are going to say. But what I mean is have you considered giving a gift card that is different from the rest? That will be an experience that the person receiving will not have had before and more importantly shows them how much you have taken the time to think about what would really benefit them?

Well if you like what you hear then let me tell you more.

You may or may not know this, but as a fashion stylist I have been trying for a long time to help individuals like you to find their own personal style. Thanks to covid and lockdown, I finally began the journey to teach what I know to help women gain confidence and feel stylish in what they wear,  as well as master the art of styling in the most simplest way.

That is why this year I have been able to have the time to create my personal styling services online and in person for kids and women and giving a personal styling gift to someone is just another way that I can work and impart my knowledge quite happily, knowing that this will be an experience of a life time for someone and will help to change lives.

I’ve realised a lot of women have just settled to accept that wearing loose clothes is just a by product of having kids or accepting that wearing practical clothes is easier because running around after kids and running the home as well, means they just don’t have time to make an effort. But for me what I would say is no, that is just not true. No one has to accept anything if they are not happy and they definitely do not have to settle.

These are just two examples I give, but there are many more examples of how some of you are just accepting how you look and feel even though it’s not that great. I mean think about it. Why are you even here following me?  Was it something I said that resonated or do you just want to learn more. Either way its time to make a change and invest in yourself because it’s not just about everyone else, it’s about you too.

Now listen understanding your body type and what colours work for you is not going to change the world. I know that. But I guarantee it will make you or someone you love feel a whole lot better.

I often say that if you are sick you go and see a specialist, a doctor. If you need help with your finances you’ll seek out an accountant. So why is it when it comes to how you look, you just wing it? Why don’t you enlist the help of an experienced personal stylist who has been styling models, kids, sets and much more for many years?

Watch my video below to see why I think giving a gift card or putting it on your list would be a great idea and take a look at the options for gift cards here.   If you are loving these videos don’t forget to subscribe here so you know when they drop first.

If this something that you would like to have personally or wish to give to someone then I look forward to working with you or them in the New Year. But if not I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!



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