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As you know style and fashion is my thing and as I had such a good response with my style and fashion chat interview with British Olympian Jamie Baulch, I decided to keep it up this year. Why? Well not only because we are all nosey and love to know what famous or influential people really think and love to wear, but also because I actually like doing them. I guess my background as a broadcast journalist plays a huge part as I really love and still enjoy finding out about the person behind the name.

That is why I am so excited to have for my first interview this year with  British MP Dawn Butler. Obviously Ms Dawn Butler doesn’t normally chat about her style and fashion purely because she has more important things to do.

In 2005, Dawn Butler became the third black woman MP and was the first  in 2009, to speak at the Commons despatch box. Throughout her career, she has consistently spoken up for the underrepresented and has highlighted instances of racial discrimination in society and politics. For her efforts British Vogue  recently recognised her as one of the most influential women to watch in 2020. However it is only right for me to show you a little bit more than just the MP side in the first part of my interview (that you can watch below) where we talk style and fashion and can you believe it shoes!!

Shoes as we all know was invented because there was a real and practical need to protect the feet from outside effects long ago. This seemingly simple human need turned into a quickly growing industry in which design was just as important as functionality. Today, they are part of a factory industry earning huge amounts of money each year.

Dawn Butler MP highlights some of her favourite shoe brands in my video so I won’t spoil it by discussing it here. But before you disappear to watch it below. I will let you know the trends for shoes to look out for this year in 2021.

After nearly a year of spending more time at home, our heels have taken a backseat to more practical styles as we prioritise comfort first. However, style need not be sacrificed, so in 2021, watch out for  cosy slippers, sturdy boots and maybe a platform or two. Here are my top five trends to watch out for;

  Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives her shoe trends from 2021

Slippers – Currently having their biggest moment to date, so much so that we are wearing our favourite pairs straight out of the house. Now its not my thing. But if you are into this then check out these pair from Manolo Blahnik who is well-known for glamourous stilettos but the label has some gorgeous flats too. If you like this but  are looking for something a little more sturdy and not so “oh my gosh she is walking down the road with slippers’ I like these slide slippers from Uggs which are more like sandals.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives her shoe trends from 2021

Equestrian Riding boots – With the Crown in full swing and many horse riding scenes, you will be right at home in a pair of these. But come on lets be honest you don’t need to be at stables to wear them. I like the Bryn boots from  LK Bennet. They are versatile enough to wear day in and day out. Slip them on with an oversized coat for perfection.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives her shoe trends from 2021

Minimalist sandals – The classic thong sandal has finally been elevated to be a fit for the fashion crowd. Once considered a fashion faux pas, thongs now flaunt the chicest heels, texture, and embellishments. Not to mention they are ideal for showing off a fresh pedicure. Jimmy Choo do a great one which you can see here.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives her shoe trends from 2021

Lug Sole – You’ll soon learn (if you don’t know already) how much love I love the lug sole, so seeing it combined with the classic Mary Jane style means this is the shoe that has everything we’re looking for in the New Year. I have been raving about this pair from Proenza. 

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr gives her shoe trends from 2021

Last one from me are Wild West Boots,  If you’re looking for the perfect aesthetic that meets casual glam, Western style is it. Whether your country style is Little House on the Prairie or Indiana Jones, these are the boots that can truly fit into any wardrobe.  I’m loving this pair from Givenchy which is Parisian chic meets the Wild West to create this striking pair from Givenchy’s new-season collection.

Tip of the day: I would always say when wearing shoes make sure you try before you buy. If this is not possible because of lockdown etc. make sure they have a clause that you can return them if they don’t fit. The last thing you want to happen is that you have shoes that you bought but just can’t wear.

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Until next time xx

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  1. Lauren

    Great interview! I’m a big fan of slippers and fluffy socks at the moment, because well, quarantine life!

  2. JJ

    Love this post! I love a Riding Boot!!!

    And you’re right about putting aside those other footwear for the season

  3. Corinna

    Thanks for this info! I’m always behind on the shoe trend so I’m glad I found your post!


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